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Friday 28th July

a bird sitting on a rock

We had two 3 hour Ocean Discovery trips today with lots of excited families and their kids on. With justification – once again we found multiple pods of common dolphins everywhere we sailed. It was quite a windy day (what else?) and we had lots of people keen to sit on the net so there were a fair few soggy people when they got off – wet clothes and beaming smiles! We also had lovely views this morning of grey seals round the island, including our favourite female “Kelp”. This afternoon we sailed eastwards for a change, and found several more groups of dolphins, who gave everyone great views. Continuing eastwards we found some harbour porpoises feeding under diving gannets, and lots more big gannet frenzies. We’re assuming bluefin tuna were causing that, as no cetaceans appeared.

Tomorrow looks like a breezy day – hopefully trips can go ahead.