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A map of our sightings in 2021


Marine Discovery Sightings 2021: it was a fantatsic year for sightings in Mount’s Bay!

What a fantastic year 2021 was for wildlife sightings. I was going through the records just to get an idea and found that we saw:

Bottlenose Dolphins: 128

Common Dolphins: 9427

Fin Whales: 1 possibly 2

Harbour Porpoises: 1810

Minke Whales: 37

Risso’s Dolphins: 289

Basking Sharks: 39

Ocean Sunfish: 40 (this is quite a low number)

Blufin Tuna surface events: 83

The map is a little cluttered but I guess that is because it turned out to be a bumper year for sightings! Thank you to all who travelled with us. We hope you enjoyed your trips. By travelling with us you contribute to our data collection, which is both analysed by us and fed in to the Joint Nature Conservancy Council database. We also share records with a variety of marine charities.

Whale, dolphin, shark, ocean sunfish and blue fin tuna sighting map for Mount's Bay, Cornwall 2021