Unless clearly stated, all photos on the sightings page will have been taken that day rather than using a stock image. We update our sightings page every day we go out through the season so as to ensure realistic expectations.

Friday 2nd November: Today was the last trip of the season and it definitely felt like things were bedding down for the winter! It was quiet offshore as we sailed along, though in the low light there were some beautiful skies. Closer inshore we saw some spectacular tuna breaches near Penberth and a bit further along the coast we saw some harbour porpoises right in close to the cliffs. There were plenty of seals on the island, and as we packed up at the end of the day there was a spectacular sunset. So long until next spring!

Tuesday 30th October: Another two trip today, with some children still on their half term holidays. We had amazing views of breaching harbour porpoises and bluefin tuna, in sunny, calm conditions. It is starting to feel colder out there though! We also saw grey seals and seabirds including more great skuas.

Thursday 25th October: We had an Ocean Discovery and Bay Discovery trip today, and on both trips we found common dolphins and grey seals. On the afternoon trip the dolphins swam with us for miles as we sailed. Seabirds included a great skua and two pomarine skuas.

Wednesday 24th October: An easier day’s wildlife spotting in beautiful weather and sea conditions. As well as common dolphins, we saw harbour porpoises, bluefin tuna, grey seals and a host of seabirds including great skuas, kittiwakes and gannets.

Tuesday 23rd October: A trickier day all round today with a fresh northwesterly breeze and the majority of the wildlife appearing to be hiding. We did spot a grey seal, a couple of porpoises and some distant tuna splashes as well as seabirds.

Sunday 21st October: A dim start to the day gradually developed into a lovely sunny morning. We found more common dolphins, a few porpoises, lots of bluefin tuna and some grey seals, as well as plenty of seabirds.

Saturday 20th October: It was a beautiful October day, and we found plenty of common dolphins, a couple of harbour porpoises, a grey seal and lots of seabirds especially kittiwakes, gannets and razorbills.

Friday 19th October: Wildlife didn’t reveal itself quite as easily today, with the dolphins having moved offshore for the moment. However we did find several porpoises, which we haven’t seen for a few days, grey seals, leaping bluefin tuna and lots of seabirds.

Thursday 18th October: It was a completely different day today, with a different wind direction, hundreds of diving gannets and score of common dolphins close inshore. Obviously fish had returned close inshore! The dolphins gave us a lovely display of hunting and interacting with the boat. We also saw a couple of grey seals.

Tuesday 16th October: There was still a lot of swell out there and a choppy south westerly breeze. It was rather quiet for wildlife sightings, with a few seals spotted and some seabirds including guillemots and kittiwakes. There are a lot of waders such as curlews on the island at the moment.

Sunday 14th October: We have been port bound after a series of strong winds including Storm Callum have made the sea very rough. Back out today and we saw lots of common dolphins, diving gannets, a grey seal and a harbour porpoise. It turned into a beautiful autumn afternoon.

Monday 8th October: Calmer today and we managed to get out on a three hour trip. We saw lots of bluefin tuna, grey seals, harbour porpoises and seabirds.

Sunday 7th October: We cancelled yesterday due to the strong wind and rain, but instead got to see the Flying Scotsman on its journey through Cornwall! Today was an amazing day, filled with common dolphins, leaping bluefin tuna, diving gannets and grey seals. Conditions were much calmer and it was a beautiful autumn day.

Friday 5th October: We cancelled yesterday due to fog and moved most passengers today, which was a good decision. There was loads out there to see, including breaching tuna, lot of harbour porpoises, grey seals, a small group of common dolphins and a variety of seabirds.

Wednesday 3rd October: It was a misty murky day and at first the wildlife was elusive, but by the end we had seen seals, a variety of seabirds, several groups of porpoises, and a group of about 30 common dolphins

Tuesday 2nd October: More wind and bigger swell than anticipated today made for rather an exciting, if soggy, ride. We saw three full breaches from a large bluefin tuna, several porpoises with feeding gannets and seven hauled out seals.

Sunday 30th September: The wind was from the north west today making for fun, if a little chilly, sailing conditions. There were a few female grey seals on the island including Kelp, who looked very sleepy. Further offshore and out to the west the sky was absolutely full of diving gannets. We saw several large groups of porpoises feeding but they were tricky to spot and photograph. It seemed like there were probably shoals of blue fin tuna feeding out there too but they kept themselves hidden.

Saturday 29th September: We had a lovely sail on the easterly breeze this morning and found a medium sized pod of harbour porpoises feeding with gannets. It was great to sit there in silence and listen to the gannets calling as they dived. There were lots of seabirds about and it’s nice to be seeing good numbers of auks again. There were a few female seals on the island again.

Friday 28th September: It was a bit fresher in the northerly breeze today. We found a large pod of feeding harbour porpoises but they were tricky to watch. We then had a spectacular display from some feeding blue fin tuna and the accompanying gannets were spectacular. There were a number of pretty female seals on the island at the end of the trip. Later on after the trip had finished and we were waiting to put the boat away we came across the inshore pod of bottlenose dolphins.

Wednesday 26th September: the four hour trip this morning saw lots of porpoises, grey seals and gannets, and there were splashes here and there where tuna were feeding. This afternoon common dolphins moved back into the bay and had some wonderful encounters with several groups. We also saw more porpoises, and seabirds including great skuas and a couple of Arctic skuas. We also spotted a peregrine falcon over the cliffs.

Tuesday 25th September: Another four hour trip today but in much choppier conditions which made spotting the groups of porpoises we found quite hard. We also saw bluefin tuna and grey seals in various locations. There are a lot more guillemots and razorbills being seen again.

Monday 24th September: we have had a long spell on windy weather so have been port bound for the last eight days. Today was an awesome four hour trip with two minke whales, 100s of common dolphins, harbour porpoises, bluefin tuna, grey seals and seabirds (including sooty shearwaters) spotted. Unfortunately the camer battery was flat!

Saturday 15th September: Today we saw harbour porpoises, common dolphins, seabirds and grey seals including the badly entangled young female we have been seeing lately. There is rough weather coming up for a while, so hopefully she survives the stormy conditions

Friday 14th September: we saw good numbers of seals today, but sadly one of these is entangled in fishing line. This is cutting sharply into the blubber round her neck and could kill her. We also saw some harbour porpoises and seabirds.

Thursday 13th September: We had another awesome day out on the water, with several sightings of minke whales, common dolphins, harbour porpoises, an offshore pod of bottlenose dolphins, grey seals and again thousands and thousands of feeding seabirds right here in the bay.

Wednesday 12th September: We had a good day today, with several sightings of minke whales, lots of harbour porpoises, bluefin tuna, an ocean sunfish, grey seals and thousands of feeding gannets and shearwaters.

Monday 10th September: We ran a four hour trip this morning though the afternoon trip was cancelled because of the building southwesterly wind. we found lots of common dolphins, including some mums and small calves, grey seals and seabirds.

Sunday 9th September: We had great views of a minke whale on this morning’s trip, along with harbour porpoises and grey seals. During the afternoon we took the Seaquest volunteers out, and we found a grey seal, had awesome views of harbour porpoises, some bluefin tuna, and at the end of the trip found some common dolphins.

Saturday 8th September: Today the wildlife was much more evenly spread, with common dolphins sighted throughout both trips. The morning passengers saw hauled out grey seals as well.

Friday 7th September: It was a day of two halves today, with the morning very productive – we saw common dolphins, harbour porpoises, grey seals, bluefin tuna and lots of feeding seabirds. The afternoon four hour trip was much quieter, but we finally had some lovely views of harbour porpoises along the coast.

Wednesday 5th September: we had an amazing couple of trips today, despite more windy choppy conditions. There are enormous numbers of seabirds feeding offshore including Manx, sooty and Balearic shearwaters, gannets and kittiwakes. With them, there are constant eruptions of bluefin tuna at the surface and lots of common dolphins.

Tuesday 4th September: More very windy conditions today made spotting conditions very difficult. We saw a variety of seabirds in the morning, and harbour porpoises and a grey seal in the afternoon.

Monday 3rd September: We had an awesome couple of trips today, spotting common dolphins, a large offshore pod of bottlenose dolphins, a minke whale and thousands of feeding seabirds including gannets, Manx shearwaters and Sooty shearwaters.

Sunday 2nd September: Surprisingly that very thick fog cleared off overnight leaving us with improving visbility and calming seas. We had one of the best porpoise encounters we have ever had ever this afternoon, as were surrounded by about 50 animals for a long time. We also saw sooty shearwaters among the Manxies, grey seals and lots of compass jellyfish.

Saturday 1st September: It was extremely foggy today so the four hour morning trip became a three hour and the afternoon Bay Discovery was cancelled altogether. Despite the fog, we had good views of harbour porpoises, common dolphins, gannets and a grey seal.

Thursday 30th August: Yet another minke whale this morning in beautiful calm conditions, feeding alongside scores of common dolphins. We also saw hundreds of Manx shearwaters and gannets, grey seals and porpoises. In the afternoon we saw more porpoises on the Bay Discovery, grey seals and a breach from an enormous bluefin tuna.

Wednesday 29th August: We saw another minke whale this afternoon in windy, cold conditions. We also saw several grey seals, and had some glimpses of harbour porpoises in the morning and common dolphins in the afternoon, but the strength of the wind made seeing them again very tricky.

Tuesday 28th August: Lots of common dolphins this morning as well as grey seals and seabirds. This afternoon we had a great trip, with more dolphins, bluefin tuna, porpoises, grey seals and minke whale spotted.

Monday 27th August: Yesterday was cancelled because of the rough weather, but we ran two trips today. This morning there was a big swell running still but we found lots of harbour porpoises and grey seals and a couple of common dolphins. The gannets were amazing. The afternoon Bay Discovery passengers saw harbour porpoises and grey seals.

Saturday 25th August: The wind of yesterday calmed down today and we had some really good sightings on both the morning and the afternoon trips including common dolphins, porpoises, seals, an ocean sunfish and lots of compass jellyfish.

Friday 24th August: It was a windy day today so we only ran the morning trip. We saw harbour porpoises, grey seals and seabirds.

Thursday 23rd August: More whales this afternoon! One of them was a minke, and the other was a larger rorqual – either a juvenile fin or a sei whale. We also saw common dolphins, grey seals, harbour porpoises and lots of Manx shearwaters

Wednesday 22nd August: There were more minke whales around on this afternoon’s trip – two of them feeding reasonably close in among common dolphins and lots of Manx shearwaters and gannets. The morning Bay Discovery passengers also got to see lots of dolphins, and an ocean sunfish, grey seals and a couple of harbour porpoises were spotted too.

Tuesday 21st August: We had one of the best days of the 2018 season so far today. The fog was still drifting around, but we managed to find common dolphins, seals and porpoises on the morning trip. The afternoon trip had a bit of a bonanza with more common dolphins, porpoises and seals spotted and also some pilot whales (a first for us) and two rorqual whales – one of these was clearly a minke but the other we think was a sei whale, based on its surfacing pattern and blow.

Monday 20th August: today it was foggy ALL DAY! This obviously limited our scope to search a long way, but we were lucky. The morning passengers found some common dolphins just were we banked on finding them, and also some seals and harbour porpoises. If anything it was even foggier in the afternoon, and we had a couple of very cold and clammy hours before finding some dolphins and seals at the end of the trip.

Sunday 19th August: It was windy and rainy this morning so we had to cancel the 9.30 trip. The afternoon went ahead, though it was quieter than it has been for some time, with just seals, seabirds and a single porpoise spotted.

Saturday 18th August: We had an amazing porpoise encounter this afternoon, being surrounded by little porpoises who were completely undaunted by the boat. We also saw common dolphins and seals.

Friday 17th August: It was very windy in the night which meant conditions further offshore on the four hour trip were lumpy and difficult. Once we sailed back inshore we found some harbour porpoises and common dolphins (which chased us down!), and some grey seals on the island. The Bay Discovery in the afternoon was just as productive. Seabirds included gannets and storm petrels.

Thursday 16th August: There were several small groups of common dolphins around this morning, as well as several surfing harbour porpoises and grey seals. The dolphins had moved on by the afternoon, but we had the most amazing encounter with a group of about 25 porpoises instead. They repeatedly surfaced near the boat, quite unafraid. Magic porpoises!

Wednesday 15th August: A bit brighter today but still choppy! (in fact we had to cancel the afternoon trip because of the strong southwesterly wind). We saw grey seals, common dolphins and seabirds.

Tuesday 14th August: we saw grey seals, harbour porpoises, seabirds and a few tricky common dolphins today in choppy, murky conditions. However most excitingly one of the porpoises was a leucistic individual, i.e. one which is almost completely white. There have only been a few UK records of this phenomenon.

Monday 13th August: We watched an amazing feeding frenzy of bluefin tuna, gannets and shearwaters today, all chasing baitfish (sprats?). We also had a great encounter with common dolphins on the same trip – the morning four hour  – and found lots of hauled out grey seals

Sunday 12th August: we have had a few days on shore because of windy, rough conditions. This morning was still choppy but fine to head out. We saw several harbour porpoises, grey seals and had a brief visit from some common dolphins. Sea conditions made it tricky to pick them up again though. On our return to shore, we heard about the sad stranding of a dead leatherback turtle on Long Rock beach.

Thursday 9th August: Another choppy day today. Our searching efforts were rewarded by an eruption of blufin tuna with fish breachng all around the boats. We weren’t quite quick enough on the draw as evidenced byt the pictures. We also found a lovely juvenile grey seal bottling in the afternoon light.

Wednesday 8th August: The blustery August weather continued today but it didn’t stop us finding a variety of sea creatures. In the morning we saw two small pods of harbour porpoises and some common dolphins, but the star of the trip was a very co-operative sunfish being cleaned by gulls. The unsettled weather also meant there were good numbers of grey seals hanging around the island this morning too. In the afternoon we found common dolphins at the start and later on in the trip. The first group put on an impressive surfing display in the south westerly driven waves. We also had lovely views of a sooty shearwater.

Tuesday 7th August: Suddenly the water inshore is all brown and soupy because of a thick phytoplankton bloom. The Bay Discovery trip this morning did well for sightings with a couple of small groups of dolphins, a harbour porpoise and a seal spotted. The afternoon Discovery Voyage passengers were relatively unlucky with “just” a couple of fleeting porpoises and a single common dolphin seen.

Monday 6th August: There was more of a breeze today for our four hour trip this afternoon so we were able to have a really good sail once offshore. While in the bay we encountered some porpoises and a few sleepy dolphins. Offshore we found some more animated common dolphins and lots of seabirds including two Balearic shearwaters. We also saw grey seals.

Sunday 5th August: Another warm sunny day with next to no wind. There were porpoises and dolphins literally everywhere we went. During the afternoon especially, the bay was thick with porpoises. We also spotted grey seals, an ocean sunfish, compass and moon jellyfish and lots of seabirds.

Saturday 4th August: A day very similar to yesterday, except with more cetaceans. It started grey and cloudy, clearing to hot and sunny. Plenty of porpoises were seen from the off and we had some great views of them feeding with gannets. We also saw two grey seals and plenty of Manx shearwaters.

Friday 3rd August: There seemed to be fewer cetaceans around today than there have been, and they were in a trickier mood. However we still found harbour porpoises, common dolphins and seals on both three hour trips. Some of the dolphins performed some amazing leaps. Seabird species included a sooty shearwater.

Thursday 2nd August: lots more common dolphins and porpoises today along with numerous grey seals and lots of feeding gannets.

Wednesday 1st August: another windy choppy day, though not enough to cancel and certainly not enough to make wildlife spotting impossible. We saw lots of harbour porpoise and gannet activity this morning as well as grey seals. After watching the seals this afternoon on the two hour trip, we found some porpoises feeding with the gannets in the middle of the bay. Sailing in we had a great encounter with a small group of common dolphins.

Tuesday 31st July: This morning’s three hour trip went ahead and it was actually less choppy than anticipated. We found some common dolphins and porpoises, as well as a big collection of seals at the haul out site, who are still there sheltering from the rough weather. The seals were still there for the afternoon’s Bay Discovery passengers, and we had some fleeting glimpses of some common dolphins.

Monday 30th July: We have been port bound for the last couple of days because of strong wind and rough sea. The four hour trip this morning had to be cancelled because of the still rough sea, but the Bay Discovery this afternoon was a great success. We saw lots of grey seals and some common dolphins just offshore from Mousehole.

Friday 27th July: It was the gannets who stole the show this morning, despite also spotting common dolphins, porpoises and seals. It was one of those feeding frenzies which you see on a David Attenborough programme! During the afternoon we were hit by a very rainy squall, which soon passed through but the wind then really built from the south. It got rather rough rather quickly so we headed in early, despite the gannet feeding frenzies continuing and porpoises being spotted regularly.

Thursday 26th July: Almost a carbon copy of yesterday, except with more dolphins and more gannets. We also saw several grey seals, had great views of an ocean sunfish and got some photos of some beautiful moon jellyfish.

Wednesday 25th July: Sunnier conditions today and beautiful calm sea made for perfect spotting conditions. We found lots more harbour porpoises, seals and common dolphins on both morning and afternoon trips, and the gannet feeding was just spectacular.

Tuesday 24th July: Both three hour trips today saw scores of harbour porpoises and some common dolphins, though the dolphins were more sociable on the afternoon trip. We saw a grey seal this morning, and an ocean sunfish this afternoon. Birds included common scoters, little egrets, gannets and Manx shearwaters.

Monday 23rd July: A three hour followed by a four hour trip today. Both trips saw harbour porpoises, seals and sunfish as well as seabirds. The afternoon passengers also saw some common dolphins very briefly but it was the porpoises and sunfish which were the stars of the show this afternoon.

Sunday 22nd July: We had a Bay Discovery trip this morning followed by a four hour Discovery Voyage. Both sets of passengers were lucky with the common dolphins, and the afternoon trip also saw a massive gannet feeding frenzy. Grey seals were also spotted on the way back into the bay.

Thursday 19th July: We ran two three hour trips today. During the morning we saw a harbour porpoise, some common dolphins, grey seals and gannets. On the afternoon trip we saw more harbour porpoises, five ocean sunfish, grey seals and seabirds including lots of Manx shearwaters.

Wednesday 18th July: We saw common dolphins and lots of seals on both the Discovery Voyage and the Bay Discovery trips today. There was also an ocean sunfish spotted this morning and lots of diving gannets.

Tuesday 17th July: more common dolphins on both morning and afternoon trips today. We also saw several harbour porpoises, grey seals and seabirds

Monday 16th: common dolphins returned inshore at the end of the afternoon today. Prior to that we saw ocean sunfish, harbour porpoises, grey seals and seabirds

Sunday 15th July: Today we saw good numbers of harbour porpoises, an ocean sunfish, grey seals and a variety of seabirds.

Saturday 14th July: the dolphins had moved further offshore today, however we did spot grey seals, an ocean sunfish and a couple of rather elusive harbour porpoises. The Sea, Salts and Sails in Mousehole is in full swing.

Friday 13th July:
it seems maybe as though the July common dolphin button has been switched on. We found a large group of animals on both our four and three hour trips, who were feeding under lots of diving gannets. A single porpoise was also spotted as well as several grey seals.

Thursday 12th July: it was a quieter day today for wildlife in a brisk northeasterly wind. We saw grey seals, seabirds and a harbour porpoise.

Wednesday 11th July: Several seals were spotted on this morning’s trip along with seabirds. The afternoon saw the first large group of common dolphins of July – a total of about 50 animals hunting and socialising while moving westwards. Hopefully the first of many such encounters this summer.

Tuesday 10th July: A great couple of trips today. The morning Bay Discovery passengers saw a porpoise, and the afternoon 4 hour people found several more porpoises, three ocean sunfish, several grey seals and seabirds.

Monday 9th July: very choppy windy conditions today made wildlife spotting very difficult. We saw a couple of seals near Land’s End and seabirds including a ringed guillemot.

Sunday 8th July: more breeze today so great for sailing but less wildlife around. We saw harbour porpoises and seabirds.

Saturday 7th July: We ran a four hour followed by a three hour trip today. There was a really good diversity of wildlife out there including a minke whale. harbour porpoises, grey seals, a blue shark, ocean sunfish and seabirds. At the end of the day we had the good fortune to meet the bottlenose dolphin pod again.

Friday 6th July: on our three hour trip this afternoon we found several grey seals and then had the most amazing encounter with the bottlenose dolphin pod which were swimming eastwards through Mount’s Bay. They swam with us for miles.

Thursday 5th July:
thank goodness the wind has stopped! It calmed down almost immediately and we had a lovely four hour trip, seeing harbour porpoises, ocean sunfish, grey seals, jellyfish and seabirds including loads of Manx shearwaters.

Tuesday 3rd July:
Yet another day of easterly wind and choppy, sloppy sea. We found three ocean sunfish, some grey seals and seabirds.

Monday 2nd July:
Today we took out some Year 3 and 4 children from a local school who have been doing a project on marine mammals. We ran three short Bay Discovery trips and saw grey seals and seabirds.

Saturday 30th June:
weather conditions were identical to yesterday’s, with perhaps strong wind and consequently choppier sea. It was due to drop though so we set off on the four hour trip. We had the great good fortune to encounter the bottlenose dolphin pod in the calmer water under Land’s End; we also saw grey seals, ocean sunfish and a variety of seabirds.

Friday 29th June:
almost a carbon copy of yesterday’s trips with choppy easterly conditions, great sailing and grey seals and seabirds seen. 

Thursday 28th June:
we’ve had some strong easterly wind and it was still breezy today, though a little bit less. easterly winds can affect our sightings adversely at this time of year and there was not a fin to be seen inshore. However we had great views of the seals and a lovely sail.

Monday 25th June: a quieter day to start the new week, though the weather was still beautiful. We spotted grey seals, a harbour porpoise and seabirds.

Sunday 24th June:
an amazing day of sightings, with bottlenose dolphins, common dolphins, harbour porpoises, grey seals  and seabirds all spotted. The weather was gorgeous too!

Saturday 23rd June:
Much calmer conditions were very welcome today. This helped us have great views of a total of eleven harbour porpoises, which was a treat as we haven’t seen many for a while. We also saw a grey seal, several species of jellyfish and seabirds.

Friday 22nd June:
There was still a stiff breeze blowing today, though less than yesterday. We saw plenty of grey seals in several locations, seabirds, and a porpoise.

Thursday 21st June: a strong northerly breeze today made conditions very cold and choppy. It was hard to spot wildlife. However we saw several seals, two ocean sunfish and seabirds including plenty of kittiwakes.

Wednesday 20th June:
More drizzle and mist today, but more Risso’s dolphins! Still the same five mother/calf pairs, we think. We also saw a juvenile minke whale briefly this morning, several grey seals and seabirds including Mediterranean gulls.

Tuesday 19th June:
It started drizzly and then got sunny. In the morning we saw a variety of seabirds and a good number of grey seals. In the afternoon we had two encounters with a maternal pod of Risso’s dolphins. There were at least 10 made up of 5 mother and calf pairs. They were lovely to watch. We think three of the mother calf pairs may have been the ones that used Mount’s Bay in July 2015.

Monday 18th June: After a windy weekend, it was still rather breezy and choppy today. However this did mean that despite drizzle and mist, we had great views of the grey seals which have returned the bay with the return of unsettled weather. Very relieved to see them! There were also plenty of seabirds around.

Friday 15th June:
we had more sightings of grey seals than we have had for some time today, in the spots we expect to see them. This is slightly encouraging. We heard talk of common dolphins further out, but didn’t catch up with them today.

Wednesday 13th June: Lovely views of a really brave adult puffin on the water today, showing off its vibrant colours and magnificent beak. We also had a brief encounter with the bottlenose dolphin pod – about 20 of them – as they rushed along the coast, a few grey seals and lots of other species of seabirds too.

 Monday 11th June: We found seals and porpoises on this morning’s four hour trip, though it was quiet for birds (no photos of this trip as the camera was left on land by mistake). On the afternoon Bay Discovery we had close up views of HMS Queen Elizabeth RO8 and accompanying vessels, plus the lifeboat plus the Mali Rose. What with all that going on it was rather quiet for wildlife sightings.

Sunday 10th June: Beautiful calm conditions this morning helped us see some feeding seabirds from a very long way away. These gannets, kittiwakes, puffins and guillemots led us to a large group of common dolphins who were hunting along with some very small calves. As the feeding slowed they came over to the boat, giving everyone an exceptional encounter. We also saw a porpoise. More porpoises, seabirds and a seal this afternoon though the dolphins had moved on.

Saturday 9th June:
Another brisk easterly breeze was blowing today, which made it choppy and hard to spot wildlife offshore, so we went round Gwennap Head into the Land’s End area for a bit of shelter. The seals were on very fine form!

Friday 8th June:
We had a good couple of trips today, seeing puffins, porpoises, Risso’s dolphins, common scoters and seabirds including lots of kittiwakes and Manx shearwaters.

Thursday 7th June:
Today we ran our second lighthouse trip of the week, taking members of the Association of Lighthouse Keepers out to Longships. After some quite tidal racy sections of water, it was much calmer around the rocks and the lighthouse. There were lots of very nosy seals, and loads of seabird activity including kittiwakes, puffins and shearwaters.

Wednesday 6th June: A quieter morning on the Bay Discovery at high tide, with just seabirds and waders seen. The afternoon four hour trip was quite productive, with porpoises, sunfish, grey seals and seabirds including puffins spotted.

Tuesday 5th June: we had gloomy mizzly conditions for much of this morning’s four hour trip. We went all the way out to the Epson shoal for the first time this year and then  back to the coast near Land’s End. There were lots of puffins about, Manx shearwaters, kittiwakes and some grey seals

Monday 4th June: We had much better conditions for today’s trips and the calm sea helped us spot common dolphins, bottlenose dolphins and grey seals on the morning Ocean Discovery trip. During the afternoon, we went out to the Wolf Rock Lighthouse on a charter and on the way we saw many storm petrels. a couple of harbour porpoises, a common dolphin and round the rock itself five seals.

Sunday 3rd June: “When the wind is in the east, ’tis neither good for man nor beast” and so it was proved today, with steep, choppy waves making wildlife spotting really difficult. We had to do an amended route to hide from this a little, meaning we found just three grey seals and a few seals. We had a good sail though!

Saturday 2nd June: Very choppy today with a stiff southerly breeze blowing. This morning’s 3 hour trip was very quiet for sightings. In the afternoon the breeze dropped a bit so we did the 4 hour trip after all. We saw a grey seal, seabirds, choughs harrying a buzzard, and then we had a real treat towards the end of the trip – a great encounter with a large group of Risso’s dolphins.

Friday 1st June: Today was certainly a day of two halves. Mirror calm conditions this morning helped us have a magical porpoise encounter with two groups of adults and calves. We also saw an ocean sunfish, puffins and lots of other seabirds. This afternoon a southwesterly wind blew in some mist and drizzle and some rather choppy conditions, making wildlife spotting tough. We saw some more puffins and a grey seal.

Thursday 31st May: today started with some exceptionally dense fog, but at least it was calm and wasn’t raining. The fog started clearing late morning, and in the meantime we found lots of puffins and guillemots,  a great northern diver, two ocean sunfish and a seal. This afternoon’s four hour passengers saw several harbour porpoises, some grey seals both alive and unfortunately one dead female floating south of Mousehole.

Wednesday 30th May: we had rather relentless rain all day, but it didn’t dampen spirits. We had a lovely three hour trip this morning, seeing unprecedented numbers of puffins and storm petrels, and two groups of harbour porpoises. A minke whale was also briefly spotted near the coast.

Tuesday 29th May: The excellent sightings for the time of year continued today with an awesome encounter with a curious young minke whale, which circled the boat giving everyone amazing views. We also saw harbour porpoises, grey seals and seabirds.

Monday 28th May: both trips saw harbour porpoises today, though there were more on the first trip than the second. We also saw a grey seal, lots of manx shearwaters and a variety of jellyfish.

Saturday 26th: today started off calm and warm and finished being very windy – but still warm! This morning’s passengers had all the luck with sightings, spotting seals, a sunfish, and some porpoises as well as all the seabirds. This afternoon was extremely quiet in terms of wildlife, but we had a great sail in the building northeasterly wind.

Friday 25th May: we had an awesome encounter with the bottlenose dolphin pod on today’s 4 hour trip, and were treated to some spectacular leaps just off Porthgwarra. We also saw porpoises, puffins and grey seals

Thursday 24th May: a cooler, misty day today, but the sea was still calm. There were lots of seabirds to see including puffins, razorbills and kittiwakes and we also found two ocean sunfish. A group of five or so harbour porpoises were spotted feeding in the tidal race.

Wednesday 23rd May: More common dolphins and porpoises were spotted this morning and a good variety of seabirds. This kind of feeding can be unusual for May in Mount’s Bay. The afternoon trip was a bit quieter, though we did find two groups of porpoises and lots of seabirds including our first storm petrel of the summer.

Tuesday 22nd May: Much more wind today gave us great sailing conditions and we ran a Bay Discovery followed by a Discovery Voyage trip. The morning was very quiet with a single seal spotted, but the afternoon four hour trip came up trumps and we saw an amazing gannet and common dolphin feeding frenzy. We also saw a couple of grey seals.


Monday 21st May: A beautiful day today with lots of wildlife. Seabirds had returned to the inner part of the bay with a vengeance, including loads of shearwaters, guillemots, razorbills and fulmars. We also saw a puffin. On both trips today we found a maternal pod of about 15 common dolphins, and this morning’s passengers also saw porpoises. This afternoon’s people were lucky enough to see three ocean sunfish.


Sunday 20th May: A southerly breeze this morning chopped the sea up, making spotting conditions a bit tougher. We had a fun sail in the May sunshine, seeing seabirds including lots of kittiwakes and some seals.


Saturday 19th May: The warmer, calm conditions continued with some members of the team now actually in shorts! (not me). We saw a harbour porpoise, lots of grey seals both hauled out and offshore, and seabirds. The sea is suddenly full of zooplankton and fry.


Friday 18th May: Warmer and calmer today than it was earlier in the week. We had good views of a harbour porpoise, though it was a bit quieter offshore. Near the end of the trip we spotted five seals and a couple of great northern divers. Maybe it’s warming up at last?


Wednesday 16th May: Another ridiculously cold day with a brisk northeasterly wind. It’s hard to believe it’s mid May. Sightings continue to be May-like, with some big male seals on the island, a variety of seabirds and a lone porpoise who did some very high dolphin-like surfaces. We had a pretty good sail on that wind though!


Tuesday 15th May: A rather chilly grey day on the water, but there was a lot of wildlife about. The morning passengers on the four hour trip saw loads of seabirds, grey seals and the bottlenose dolphin pod. The afternoon people saw seals and a juvenile minke whale!


Monday 14th May: The pleasant conditions continued this morning. We had lovely views of a harbour porpoise, several grey seals and seabirds.


Sunday 13th May: Much nicer conditions all round today. On this morning’s Ocean Discovery we saw our first ocean sunfish of 2018, which is a couple of weeks earlier than normal. We also saw grey seals and seabirds on a beautiful though still chilly day.


Saturday 12th May: another day of large swells and choppy waves and as an added treat, a freezing cold downpour. Thank you to the people who came out with us today! Sightings were thin on the ground, with a couple of seals and seabirds including puffins spotted.


Thursday 10th May: more difficult conditions with a big swell running and fresh westerly breeze. We saw seals and seabirds including ganents, kittiwakes and guillemots

Tuesday 8th May: grey seals and seabirds, including juvenile and adult puffins, today in wet then windy conditions. We had a great sail back into the bay once the rain stopped and the wind got up.

Monday 7th May: The final day of the May Bank Holiday weekend continued with sunshine and calm sea. The morning Bay Discovery trip found the bottlenose dolphin pod, a grey seal and seabirds including a Great Northern Diver. The afternoon Discovery Voyage trip went round to the Land’s End area, where they found some very curious seals at the colony, a variety of seabirds and finally some common dolphins. While watching the dolphins, a seal popped up nearby.


Sunday 6th May: Another stunningly beautiful day with unbroken sunshine and calm water all day. We saw a porpoise, grey seals and seabirds including an immature puffin.

Saturday 5th May: Today was a beautiful day on the water and we saw seals and seabirds including puffins. We also had a really good sail on a sudden northerly breeze.

Friday 4th May: We had a lovely spring trip today, and finally it’s slowly getting warmer. We saw grey seals and several species of seabirds including puffins and sandwich terns. Our to the west we had the best porpoise encounter we have had so far this season, with about seven individuals repeatedly surfacing near the boat.

Thursday 3rd May: Back out to sea again today after a windy few days. It seems as though the wind brought a lot more activity closer to our shores and we had a very productive day, spotting our first minke whale of 2018, common dolphins, a basking shark, a porpoise, several grey seals and loads of seabirds including huge numbers of guillemots and a puffin.



Sunday 29th April: Very much like yesterday for weather and sightings, with bright sunshine and a freezing cold wind making it feel more like March than late April. We spotted grey seals and seabirds in difficult, choppy conditions.


Saturday 28th April: We were treated to some lovely April sunshine today, which made the coastline look spectacular. We saw grey seals and a variety of seabirds.

Thursday 26th April: More common dolphins today at the end of a three hour trip as we sailed back into the bay. We also saw grey seals and seabirds including lots of gannets, and a large flock of whimbrel

Monday 23rd April: A fantastic day today. Two large pods of common dolphins with lots of young calves, a basking shark, lots of seabirds and a very cute juvenile seal.

Sunday 22nd April: A typical April day today with a fresh westerly wind, blasts of bright sunshine and bouts of mizzle. The wildlife was typical of this time of year too, with a harbour porpoise, some grey seals and lots of seabirds spotted.

Saturday 21st April: We headed out this morning in calm, warm conditions just on our own, and found a small pod of common dolphins, a couple of which swam close to the boat. When the passengers joined us for the afternoon trip, we found several harbour porpoises, grey seals and seabirds including puffins. The basking sharks headed west this morning, we were informed by spies on the coast!

Friday 20th April: Two big surprises this morning in the form of a pair of large basking sharks. We had better views of them than we have had of sharks for some years so it was very exciting. We also saw a harbour porpoise, a grey seal and lots of manx shearwaters and kittiwakes

Thursday 19th April: Today we saw a small group of about ten common dolphins on both the morning and the afternoon trips. We also saw a harbour porpoise, several grey seals and lots of seabirds.

Saturday 14th April: Tough spotting conditions today on a cold grey morning in building southeasterly chop. We saw grey seals and seabirds including puffins.

Friday 13th April: Lots more puffins around today – more than we could count. We also saw a variety of other seabirds, porpoises and grey seals.

Thursday 12th April: We were filming with BBC Countryfile today in grey choppy conditions. Luckily we didn’t need to go far. The seals were born stars and hopefully they got some great footage. Working from Newlyn harbour we encountered some of the currently residents including a juvenile glaucous gull and turnstones.

Tuesday 10th April: Fabulous seabird activity today including several pairs of puffins, razorbills, guillemots, fulmars, gannets, Manx shearwaters and sandwich terns. We also saw grey seals

Monday 9th April: It was another lovely morning out on the water. Common dolphins were a bit more sociable today than yesterday, and we also saw several grey seals and a harbour porpoise. Spring does finally seem to be here after a long long winter.

Sunday 8th April: It was a beautiful spring day here in West Cornwall with unbroken sunshine and light breezes. Two trips today, with a Bay Discovery in the morning and an Ocean Discovery in the afternoon – we found several harbour porpoises, grey seals, a small group of common dolphins, and lots of guillemots, kittiwakes and shearwaters.

Saturday 7th April: It’s been a windy, wet and cold few days so it’s a week since our last trip. Today was much nicer weather, though with a big swell still making things rocky and rolly. We encountered several groups of harbour porpoises, grey seals and seabirds, though unfortunately left the camera on shore.

Saturday 31st March: Less swell but lots of very cold wind today. This made conditions choppy and tricky for looking for wildlife. We saw lots of seals and had a brief glimpse of a dolphin, but much more luck with viewing harbour porpoises on this morning’s trip. There was a good variety of seabirds around including Manx shearwaters and Sandwich terns. This afternoon we saw grey seals and seabirds.

Friday 30th March: Lots of rolling swell today with a big tide made spotting conditions a little tricky. We managed to find three common dolphins, a porpoise and counted about 20 grey seals. Seabird numbers are increasing, including the returning Manx shearwaters.

Wednesday 28th March: We forgot to take the camera a today! We saw lots of grey seals and a variety of seabirds including our first Manx shearwaters of the year and Eddie the eider duck. We also had a lovely sail.

Sunday 25th March: A beautiful spring day with great sailing conditions. We saw three harbour porpoises, three groups of common dolphins, and numerous grey seals. Seabird sightings included gannets, razorbills and a great northern diver.

Wednesday 21st March: We had several wonderful encounters with common dolphins today. We also had lovely views of harbour porpoises, saw lots of grey seals and a variety of seabirds including Eddie eider duck.

Tuesday 20th March: We were carrying out some oceanographic surveying with students from Falmouth Marine School today. The surveying was our main focus however on our way to and from the survey site we saw lots of harbour porpoises and some common dolphins. There were numerous grey seals on St. Clement’s Island and lots of auks out on the water.

Tuesday 13th March: It was great to be back  out on the water on a sunny, spring like day. Especially when we were joined by Pierre the lone bottlenose dolphin! We also saw a group of harbour porpoises and a variety of seabirds.


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