Unless clearly stated, all photos on the sightings page will have been taken that day rather than using a stock image. We update our sightings page every day we go out through the season so as to ensure realistic expectations.

27th May: A training sail today and meeting about how to proceed once restrictions start being lifted. Might as well do that on the boat! We found lots of common dolphins and some grey seals.

22nd May: There was a massive swell pumping today, unusual for May. It was more like a hurricane swell we get in September. I went for a walk to photograph it, and had some fantastic views of choughs. The wildflowers were also looking beautiful.

16th May: More common dolphins today! May is usually quiet for wildlife, but not this year. We also saw some very cute little grey seals, and seabirds.

5th May: Diving gannets were putting on an awesome display out in the bay this afternoon.

27th April: Naturally given that we are not allowed to operate this spring, the weather and the wildlife has been amazing. We took the boat south this morning and found huge numbers of common dolphins. We also saw kittwakes and puffins

23rd April: There have been reports of basking sharks around the Cornish coast lately, the first for quite some time. We took the boat out to run the engines and not far from the harbour, we found a massive one! It was well over eight metres, probably nearer nine.

19th March: So it seems as though our season won’t start as normal this year after all. To cheer myself up I went to look at some seals.

2nd February: It was our first trip out on the water of the year. The winter has been extremely stormy, but today condition were wonderful. “Shearwater II” has remained on her mooring this winter, so we will be able to go for the odd trip on our own before the season starts. We found a group of common dolphins, one of which had a deformed beak, seabirds and grey seals.


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