Unless clearly stated, all photos on the sightings page will have been taken that day rather than using a stock image. We update our sightings page every day we go out through the season so as to ensure realistic expectations.

Tuesday 4th August: We had a 3 hour trip this morning in a building southwesterly wind. Despite the worsening sea conditions, wildlife was easy to find – lots of common dolphins, some harbour porpoises, a feeding frenzy of gannets and some grey seals on the rocks at the end of the morning. The afternoon trip and tomorrow’s trips are cancelled.

Monday 3rd August: We had a three hour then a four hour trip today. Both sets of passengers got to see grey seals, feeding common dolphins, bluefin tuna and seabirds. The afternoon trip also got good views of an ocean sunfish.

Sunday 2nd August: Similar to yesterday, with grey seals in the morning and then lots of feeding common dolphins and seabirds. We also spotted some big tuna feeding splashes. In the afternoon we had to search a little harder, but saw dolphins and tuna again, along with a brief glimpse of a minke whale

Saturday 1st August: The weather cleared up today and there was a great northwesterly breeze for sailing. We had to search hard to find them this morning, but there were lots of common dolphins out there. On the afternoon Bay Discovery and the evening Ocean Discovery, the dolphins were easier to find, and we also spotted a couple of porpoises.

Friday 31st July: We had another great day on the water. Conditions were damp and foggy at times but that did not stop us finding cetaceans. In the morning we saw some grey seals and then found a number of pods of common dolphins feeding over a wide area. In the afternoon we started off watching 10 members of the south west’s resident pod of bottlenose dolphins afterwards we found a large school of feeding bluefin tuna. We then found some feeding harbour porpoises and finished with bow riding common dolphins.


Thursday 30th July: We had fairly strong southeasterly wind today, which made things very choppy at times. There was loads of wildlife out there – we just had to work harder to see it! During the morning we saw lots of feeding common dolphins close to the coast, along with some harbour porpoises which looked very dolphin-like. As the wind built, we had a fine sail back into the Bay. During the afternoon we saw common dolphins, a massive feeding frenzy of gannets and shearwaters, and an ocean sunfish, as well as a couple of seals.

Wednesday 29th July: We saw lots of porpoises in the calm of the morning today, followed by many common dolphins. On the afternoon and evening trips we saw even more common dolphins, and some grey seals. There are lots of gannets and Manx shearwaters around at the moment, but some of the rarer seabirds are not being spotted yet.

Tuesday 28th July: We had to miss a day yesterday because of the strong wind, but luckily the wildlife was still around. Both the four hour and the three hour passengers found lots of common dolphins, and in the afternoon the seals were hauled out on the rocks. Seabirds included gannets, shearwaters, a puffin and a great skua.

Sunday 26th July: A windy choppy day meant the 4 hour morning trip became a 3 hour instead, and we had another one in the afternoon. The morning passengers saw lots of common dolphins, grey seals and a couple of harbour porpoises. They also spotted a great shearwater amongst the Manxes. In the afternoon we saw lots of seals hauled out, some common dolphins, two surfaces from a minke whale, and a brief glimpse of porpoises.

Friday 24th July: After a decent morning and early afternoon, the rest of the day’s weather was pretty miserable, so thank goodness our passengers were such a fun and adventurous lot. Thanks guys! Sightings were good though, with lots of common dolphins and grey seals spotted, along with some harbour porpoises and a couple of surfaces from a minke whale. It didn’t hang around though.

Thursday 23rd July: It was a total contrast to yesterday, with wet and windy conditions. The morning 4 hour trip became a 3 hour trip. On both trips we found several pods of common dolphins, grey seals and seabirds. They included a little razorbill “jumpling” with its dad.

Wednesday 22nd July: We had a very busy day today, with three trips on “Shearwater II” and a trip with freedivers on the Celtic Fox. There was so much wildlife around: harbour porpoises, common dolphins on all three trips, Risso’s dolphins in the morning, two minke whales in the evening as well as the grey seals and seabirds. The cove where we took the snorkellers was crystal clear with lots of compass jellyfish and wriggle sandeels.

Tuesday 21st July: Felt like Groundhog day today (but with slightly less breeze!) On both trips we saw lots of common dolphins, grey seals, manx shearwaters and gannets. During the afternoon Duncan also spotted some harbour porpoises, but they were too tricky to get good views of.

Monday 20th July: Lovely conditions for sailing first thing, and we searched thoroughly in the Bay before finding lots of common dolphins again feeding among shearwaters and gannets. We also saw a few grey seals. This afternoon the wind got up strongly and the seals were all in the water by the time we got back to the island. There were a few common dolphins but the bulk of the pods had dispersed.

Sunday 19th July: We had warm sunshine all day today, but there was a brisk northerly breeze blowing. This made for some exciting sailing conditions. On the morning trip after watching the seals, we found a big feeding frenzy of Manx shearwaters, gannets and common dolphins. In the afternoon the wind was a bit stronger, but we managed to spot two pairs of harbour porpoises as well as lots of seabirds.

Saturday 18th July: A dank drizzle morning today to start with. We found lots of grey seals round the island and further out and small group of common dolphins along with gannets and shearwaters. This afternoon’s 4 hour trip passengers saw two groups of harbour porpoises, a couple of ocean sunfish and some seals.The sun came out though!

Friday 17th July: Things changed today and the morning trip was extremely productive. We spotted different species of cetacean: minke whale, bottlenose dolphins, common dolphins and harbour porpoises, as well as grey seals and seabirds. The afternoon Ocean Discovery and the evening Bay Discovery also saw grey seals, common dolphins and seabirds.

Thursday 16th July: Again, it was a quieter morning and rather chilly! But we did see several grey seals and an ocean sunfish. During the afternoon the sun emerged and so did a small group of common dolphins, as well as another sunfish.

Wednesday 15th July: Offshore was quieter this morning, though we did see several seals hauled out and in the water. Along the coast this afternoon we saw several ocean sunfish, and we also spotted a couple of common dolphins as well as more seals and seabirds. We had our first evening Bay Discovery trip and saw yet more seals and had a great sail across the bay.

Tuesday 14th July: There was a brisk northerly wind today which was good for sailing but made things choppy offshore. This morning’s 3 hour passengers saw grey seals, and then we found some common dolphins under feeding gannets a bit further south. We also had brief glimpses of Risso’s dolphins and an ocean sunfish. It was quieter on the afternoon four hour trip, and the wind was stronger – we saw harbour porpoises, grey seals and seabirds including Manx shearwaters.

Monday 13th July: We had a four hour trip this morning, and spotted two groups of common dolphins, some harbour porpoises and some grey seals. Unfortunately we cancelled the afternoon trip as the wind got up and rain came in.

Sunday  12th July: It was another beautiful day filled with good sightings. This morning we had a wonderful encounter with a very friendly, interactive minke whale, who circled the boat repeatedly very closely and even popped its head up out of the water for a look. We also saw harbour porpoises and a grey seal. This afternoon everything was quiet for half the trip, until we found a more productive area, where we found harbour porpoises and common dolphins. We also saw the grey seals. There are millions of jellyfish around at the moment.

Saturday 11th July: The wind calmed down finally and it was a gorgeous day. We had an excellent day of sightings, with common dolphins, harbour porpoises, Risso’s dolphins and a minke whale sighted – four species of cetacean! We also saw several grey seals and seabirds including Manx shearwaters and Mediterranean gulls.

Friday 10th July: The sun came out today! There was quite a strong wind still, but this time from the north. It was quite quiet on the morning 4 hour trip, with grey seals, seabirds, a sunfish and a brief porpoise spotted. With the tide shift this afternoon it was more productive, with lots of feeding gannets, some common dolphins (a long way out), an ocean sunfish and grey seals seen.

Thursday 9th July: Another breezy, choppy day with poor visitbility. It looks much better from tomorrow though. This morning we saw common dolphins, several sunfish, lots of grey seals and seabirds. By the afternoon the dolphins had moved on, but passengers saw another sunfish, a (brief) harbour porpoise, grey seals and a juvenile puffin. There were lots of baitfish feeding at the surface

Wednesday 8th July: It was just as windy with some fog as well this morning. This cleared up about halfway through the trip, and it was mostly fine for the afternoon. We saw two more sunfish, lots of grey seals and a good variety of seabirds – as well as the usuals we spotted an Arctic skua, a great skua, common scoters and a puffin.

Tuesday 7th July: There are so many seals around at the moment. We counted at least 14 today, including males, females and juveniles. We also saw an ocean sunfish, and the first harbour porpoises we have seen for a long time. It was choppy though!

Monday 6th July: Today was the first time in a while we have been out, after the relaxation of restrictions on Saturday. The wind hadn’t relaxed much though. We saw lots of grey seals and seabirds in a stiff northwesterly breeze.

Wednesday 17th June: After a tentative start, it was belatedly decided by the powers that be that boat trip businesses must remain shut for the time being after all. This was a blow, so we went out sailing with a few friends. The weather didn’t cheer us up as it poured with rain, but we did get a really good look at our first sunfish of the season.

Monday 8th June: Really lovely conditions this afternoon meant we could go a long way south. We saw lots of seals on the island but further out it was all rather quiet (apart from some visiting aircraft). That was until we spotted 5 Risso’s dolphins – very dark individuals who we haven’t seen before.

5th June: Tough spotting conditions today in the fresh northwesterly wind and big tide. We saw several grey seals in a couple of locations and seabirds including Manx shearwaters.

4th June: We had a real treat this morning, seeing Risso’s dolphins. They were being typically shy and elusive but a couple of them did surf quite close to the boat a few times. We also saw grey seals, including a young juvenile, and Kelp and Mask the adult females.

27th May: A training sail today and meeting about how to proceed once restrictions start being lifted. Might as well do that on the boat! We found lots of common dolphins and some grey seals.

22nd May: There was a massive swell pumping today, unusual for May. It was more like a hurricane swell we get in September. I went for a walk to photograph it, and had some fantastic views of choughs. The wildflowers were also looking beautiful.

16th May: More common dolphins today! May is usually quiet for wildlife, but not this year. We also saw some very cute little grey seals, and seabirds.

5th May: Diving gannets were putting on an awesome display out in the bay this afternoon.

27th April: Naturally given that we are not allowed to operate this spring, the weather and the wildlife has been amazing. We took the boat south this morning and found huge numbers of common dolphins. We also saw kittwakes and puffins

23rd April: There have been reports of basking sharks around the Cornish coast lately, the first for quite some time. We took the boat out to run the engines and not far from the harbour, we found a massive one! It was well over eight metres, probably nearer nine.

19th March: So it seems as though our season won’t start as normal this year after all. To cheer myself up I went to look at some seals.

2nd February: It was our first trip out on the water of the year. The winter has been extremely stormy, but today condition were wonderful. “Shearwater II” has remained on her mooring this winter, so we will be able to go for the odd trip on our own before the season starts. We found a group of common dolphins, one of which had a deformed beak, seabirds and grey seals.


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