Hi all, well we’re assuming that the announcement made yesterday that the tourism industry is opening up again includes us, so we are now taking bookings from the 4th July. Sorry about the false start. We will do our very best to make things seem as normal as possible but there are a few things that will be different, as you will know if you have been following this page. So:

  • We will theoretically limit capacity to 8. However this doesn’t mean our total capacity is automatically 8 – this is the minimum maximum (bear with me!). This is simply based on the whole boat being booked by couples and individuals, who all need to have sufficient space between them. However, during July and August it doesn’t often happen like that in practice, as we get lots more families booking, which means we can get more than 8 on board WITH 1m+ distancing. This could for example mean that we have 12 on board eventually, made up of two or three family groups.  If it is unclear how much availability there is online, please call 07749277110. Please don’t automatically assume there will be only 8 people on your trip! If you want a trip with really limited numbers, you are welcome to enquire about private charter.
  • Please book and pay in advance. We will not be able to take payments on the day. Bookings can be made on the website or by calling. We cannot take email or FB bookings. If trips are cancelled by us for unsuitable weather or any other circumstance beyond our control, they are fully refunded. Our cancellation policy is 72 hours notice.
  • The office will not be open this season, certainly at first. Therefore when you arrive for your trip, please wait outside. For this reason, please don’t arrive more than 10-15 minutes before your trip.
  • Please make sure you are properly dressed for the weather. This doesn’t mean just rain – on a breezy day there can be a lot of spray and it instantly can feel much colder as soon as you are out there. We will not be able to lend out our waterproofs as normal. Lifejackets of course will be given out. These will be sponged down with disinfectant between trips, and the boat will be regularly cleaned (e.g. high touch areas will be cleaned with disinfectant between trips)
  • Please make sure you bring your own water, in a reusable bottle, and snacks if wanted. We will sadly not be handing out half time ginger biscuits this year! (Tesco’s might go out of business for this reason)
  • Please make sure everyone in your party brings a face covering (can just be a scarf or bandana). There may be times when we ask people to put them on, if for instance, we need to sit closer together than anticipated.
  • It goes without saying that if anyone in your party is displaying Covid symptoms – high temperature, persistent cough, loss of smell or taste – please do not arrive for your boat trip!

As I said, we will try our very best to make things feel as normal as possible, and we’re sure that all our lovely visitors will too. If you are nervous about virus transmission when visiting us, then there’s always next year! We look forward to seeing you soon FINALLY! Thank you for bearing with us.