Unless clearly stated, all photos on the sightings page will have been taken that day rather than using a stock image. We update our sightings page every day we go out through the season so as to ensure realistic expectations.

Tuesday 22nd May: Much more wind today gave us great sailing conditions and we ran a Bay Discovery followed by a Discovery Voyage trip. The morning was very quiet with a single seal spotted, but the afternoon four hour trip came up trumps and we saw an amazing gannet and common dolphin feeding frenzy. We also saw a couple of grey seals.

Monday 21st May: A beautiful day today with lots of wildlife. Seabirds had returned to the inner part of the bay with a vengeance, including loads of shearwaters, guillemots, razorbills and fulmars. We also saw a puffin. On both trips today we found a maternal pod of about 15 common dolphins, and this morning’s passengers also saw porpoises. This afternoon’s people were lucky enough to see three ocean sunfish.


Sunday 20th May: A southerly breeze this morning chopped the sea up, making spotting conditions a bit tougher. We had a fun sail in the May sunshine, seeing seabirds including lots of kittiwakes and some seals.


Saturday 19th May: The warmer, calm conditions continued with some members of the team now actually in shorts! (not me). We saw a harbour porpoise, lots of grey seals both hauled out and offshore, and seabirds. The sea is suddenly full of zooplankton and fry.


Friday 18th May: Warmer and calmer today than it was earlier in the week. We had good views of a harbour porpoise, though it was a bit quieter offshore. Near the end of the trip we spotted five seals and a couple of great northern divers. Maybe it’s warming up at last?


Wednesday 16th May: Another ridiculously cold day with a brisk northeasterly wind. It’s hard to believe it’s mid May. Sightings continue to be May-like, with some big male seals on the island, a variety of seabirds and a lone porpoise who did some very high dolphin-like surfaces. We had a pretty good sail on that wind though!


Tuesday 15th May: A rather chilly grey day on the water, but there was a lot of wildlife about. The morning passengers on the four hour trip saw loads of seabirds, grey seals and the bottlenose dolphin pod. The afternoon people saw seals and a juvenile minke whale!


Monday 14th May: The pleasant conditions continued this morning. We had lovely views of a harbour porpoise, several grey seals and seabirds.


Sunday 13th May: Much nicer conditions all round today. On this morning’s Ocean Discovery we saw our first ocean sunfish of 2018, which is a couple of weeks earlier than normal. We also saw grey seals and seabirds on a beautiful though still chilly day.


Saturday 12th May: another day of large swells and choppy waves and as an added treat, a freezing cold downpour. Thank you to the people who came out with us today! Sightings were thin on the ground, with a couple of seals and seabirds including puffins spotted.


Thursday 10th May: more difficult conditions with a big swell running and fresh westerly breeze. We saw seals and seabirds including ganents, kittiwakes and guillemots

Tuesday 8th May: grey seals and seabirds, including juvenile and adult puffins, today in wet then windy conditions. We had a great sail back into the bay once the rain stopped and the wind got up.

Monday 7th May: The final day of the May Bank Holiday weekend continued with sunshine and calm sea. The morning Bay Discovery trip found the bottlenose dolphin pod, a grey seal and seabirds including a Great Northern Diver. The afternoon Discovery Voyage trip went round to the Land’s End area, where they found some very curious seals at the colony, a variety of seabirds and finally some common dolphins. While watching the dolphins, a seal popped up nearby.


Sunday 6th May: Another stunningly beautiful day with unbroken sunshine and calm water all day. We saw a porpoise, grey seals and seabirds including an immature puffin.

Saturday 5th May: Today was a beautiful day on the water and we saw seals and seabirds including puffins. We also had a really good sail on a sudden northerly breeze.

Friday 4th May: We had a lovely spring trip today, and finally it’s slowly getting warmer. We saw grey seals and several species of seabirds including puffins and sandwich terns. Our to the west we had the best porpoise encounter we have had so far this season, with about seven individuals repeatedly surfacing near the boat.

Thursday 3rd May: Back out to sea again today after a windy few days. It seems as though the wind brought a lot more activity closer to our shores and we had a very productive day, spotting our first minke whale of 2018, common dolphins, a basking shark, a porpoise, several grey seals and loads of seabirds including huge numbers of guillemots and a puffin.



Sunday 29th April: Very much like yesterday for weather and sightings, with bright sunshine and a freezing cold wind making it feel more like March than late April. We spotted grey seals and seabirds in difficult, choppy conditions.


Saturday 28th April: We were treated to some lovely April sunshine today, which made the coastline look spectacular. We saw grey seals and a variety of seabirds.

Thursday 26th April: More common dolphins today at the end of a three hour trip as we sailed back into the bay. We also saw grey seals and seabirds including lots of gannets, and a large flock of whimbrel

Monday 23rd April: A fantastic day today. Two large pods of common dolphins with lots of young calves, a basking shark, lots of seabirds and a very cute juvenile seal.

Sunday 22nd April: A typical April day today with a fresh westerly wind, blasts of bright sunshine and bouts of mizzle. The wildlife was typical of this time of year too, with a harbour porpoise, some grey seals and lots of seabirds spotted.

Saturday 21st April: We headed out this morning in calm, warm conditions just on our own, and found a small pod of common dolphins, a couple of which swam close to the boat. When the passengers joined us for the afternoon trip, we found several harbour porpoises, grey seals and seabirds including puffins. The basking sharks headed west this morning, we were informed by spies on the coast!

Friday 20th April: Two big surprises this morning in the form of a pair of large basking sharks. We had better views of them than we have had of sharks for some years so it was very exciting. We also saw a harbour porpoise, a grey seal and lots of manx shearwaters and kittiwakes

Thursday 19th April: Today we saw a small group of about ten common dolphins on both the morning and the afternoon trips. We also saw a harbour porpoise, several grey seals and lots of seabirds.

Saturday 14th April: Tough spotting conditions today on a cold grey morning in building southeasterly chop. We saw grey seals and seabirds including puffins.

Friday 13th April: Lots more puffins around today – more than we could count. We also saw a variety of other seabirds, porpoises and grey seals.

Thursday 12th April: We were filming with BBC Countryfile today in grey choppy conditions. Luckily we didn’t need to go far. The seals were born stars and hopefully they got some great footage. Working from Newlyn harbour we encountered some of the currently residents including a juvenile glaucous gull and turnstones.

Tuesday 10th April: Fabulous seabird activity today including several pairs of puffins, razorbills, guillemots, fulmars, gannets, Manx shearwaters and sandwich terns. We also saw grey seals

Monday 9th April: It was another lovely morning out on the water. Common dolphins were a bit more sociable today than yesterday, and we also saw several grey seals and a harbour porpoise. Spring does finally seem to be here after a long long winter.

Sunday 8th April: It was a beautiful spring day here in West Cornwall with unbroken sunshine and light breezes. Two trips today, with a Bay Discovery in the morning and an Ocean Discovery in the afternoon – we found several harbour porpoises, grey seals, a small group of common dolphins, and lots of guillemots, kittiwakes and shearwaters.

Saturday 7th April: It’s been a windy, wet and cold few days so it’s a week since our last trip. Today was much nicer weather, though with a big swell still making things rocky and rolly. We encountered several groups of harbour porpoises, grey seals and seabirds, though unfortunately left the camera on shore.

Saturday 31st March: Less swell but lots of very cold wind today. This made conditions choppy and tricky for looking for wildlife. We saw lots of seals and had a brief glimpse of a dolphin, but much more luck with viewing harbour porpoises on this morning’s trip. There was a good variety of seabirds around including Manx shearwaters and Sandwich terns. This afternoon we saw grey seals and seabirds.

Friday 30th March: Lots of rolling swell today with a big tide made spotting conditions a little tricky. We managed to find three common dolphins, a porpoise and counted about 20 grey seals. Seabird numbers are increasing, including the returning Manx shearwaters.

Wednesday 28th March: We forgot to take the camera a today! We saw lots of grey seals and a variety of seabirds including our first Manx shearwaters of the year and Eddie the eider duck. We also had a lovely sail.

Sunday 25th March: A beautiful spring day with great sailing conditions. We saw three harbour porpoises, three groups of common dolphins, and numerous grey seals. Seabird sightings included gannets, razorbills and a great northern diver.

Wednesday 21st March: We had several wonderful encounters with common dolphins today. We also had lovely views of harbour porpoises, saw lots of grey seals and a variety of seabirds including Eddie eider duck.

Tuesday 20th March: We were carrying out some oceanographic surveying with students from Falmouth Marine School today. The surveying was our main focus however on our way to and from the survey site we saw lots of harbour porpoises and some common dolphins. There were numerous grey seals on St. Clement’s Island and lots of auks out on the water.

Tuesday 13th March: It was great to be back  out on the water on a sunny, spring like day. Especially when we were joined by Pierre the lone bottlenose dolphin! We also saw a group of harbour porpoises and a variety of seabirds.


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