Unless clearly stated, all photos on the sightings page will have been taken that day rather than using a stock image. We update our sightings page every day we go out through the season so as to ensure realistic expectations.

Saturday 20th April: The bumper spring sightings returned today with the sunny, exceptionally calm conditions. Common dolphins were spotted on both three hour trips, along with countless barrel jellyfish, grey seals (both on the rocks and out at sea) and different species of seabirds.

Friday 19th April: Two more days off the water because of the wind, but it dropped overnight leaving it calm enough to head out. We found seals, various species of seabirds including a great skua, a harbour porpoise and masses of barrel jellyfish.

Tuesday 16th April: After a few days or really appalling weather we were very pleased to get back out there for a 3 then a 4 hour trip. There was still a lot of swell, but the wind had dropped right off. During the morning 3 hour trip we found lots of seabirds, several grey seals and some big barrel jellyfish. On the 4 hour afternoon trip we went a long way out and we were lucky enough to find 100s of common dolphins feeding and playing in the swells alongside lots of gannets, guillemots and Manx shearwaters. We also saw a couple of puffins flying.

Thursday 11th April: it was a lot windier than forecast today, a brisk southeasterly which made it rather choppy and difficult to spot wildlife. We had a good sail on the breeze though. Dolphins were briefly seen following the boat on the morning trip, along with lots of seabirds and some grey seals. Seals and seabirds were again spotted on the afternoon Bay Discovery. There looks like a lot of wind coming up over the next few days, so the sea will be too rough for trips.

Wednesday 10th April: today we sailed a long way south, as everything was quiet closer inshore. We spotted thousands of feeding seabirds with some common dolphins, including great skuas, gannets, guillemots and manx shearwaters. On the way back in we saw a couple of seals hauled out and several barrel jellyfish.

Tuesday 9th April: It’s been cold and windy lately so it’s been a while since our last update. Today was beautiful though. We’re having a good start to the year for common dolphins, with two groups spotted on this morning’s 3 hour trip. We also saw lots of grey seals and various species of seabirds on both the morning and the afternoon Bay Discovery trip.

Saturday 30th March:
chillier with a bit more breeze today, but it meant we got some good sailing in. We went a long way south and found enormous numbers gannets feeding over a large area. With them were some common dolphins who swam alongside us for miles as we sailed.

Thursday 28th March:
Today we had a training day for some returning staff. The weather was still beautiful and very calm – lots of common dolphins and seabirds were spotted. I went to Gwennap Head to see if I could spot the humpback whale(s) which have been seen around the coast but I didn’t!

Wednesday 27th March: the first trips of the year with passengers! We had a Bay Discovery followed by an Ocean Discovery trip for some of the local hoteliers and B&B owners. Both trips had fabulous views of common dolphins and hundreds of feeding seabirds. There were also porpoises and grey seals spotted.

Monday 25th March: Today we took some work experience students out for a sail. It was another windy, choppy day, but there were lots of porpoises about (too quick to photograph), grey seals and seabirds.

Sunday 24th March: 
We went for a chilly, breezy test sail today. The new layout works perfectly.

Thursday 21st March: After all the winter work Shearwater II was craned back into the water today ready for the 2019 season. Everything went smoothly!


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