Unless clearly stated, all photos on the sightings page will have been taken that day rather than using a stock image. We update our sightings page every day we go out through the season so as to ensure realistic expectations.

Monday 12th August: After several days of rough weather we were out on the water for a couple of trips today. We saw plenty of harbour porpoises, several grey seals and seabirds. It was still choppy and rather cool.

Thursday 8th August: With the approaching storm coming in, there were lots of seabirds on display including a Cory’s shearwater, Manx shearwaters. storm petrels and kittiwakes. We also saw harbour porpoises and common dolphins.

Wednesday 7th August: Almost the same as two days previously, with common dolphins, porpoises and grey seals spotted in choppy conditions. August always does this!

Monday 5th August: A sunny, breezy day with lots of common dolphins including juveniles and calves. We also saw grey seals and seabirds.

Saturday 3rd August: Today we saw lots of harbour porpoises, a spyhopping sunfish, a lone common dolphin, grey seals and seabirds including lots of Manx shearwaters.

Friday 2nd August: Today was pretty amazing, especially in the morning. We spotted common dolphins, harbour porpoises, bluefin tuna, grey seals, 2 minke whales and had an astonishing encounter with a humpback whale! In the afternoon we saw it all over again, though instead of the humpback we saw a sunfish instead.

Thursday 1st August: It was a lovely calm sunny day today with excellent sightings. We saw a minke whale, common dolphins, harbour porpoises, grey seals, ocean sunfish and seabirds.

Wednesday 31st July: The day started with very heavy rain, but soon after setting off we encountered some common dolphins which brightened everything up. The sun soon came out and we could sail, on the way seeing porpoises, seals and seabirds as well as the dolphins. The afternoon 3 hour trip saw porpoises and seals, and the evening Bay Discovery passengers saw the seals round the island.

Sunday 28th July: We saw a few ocean sunfish today, including several which breached. We also had good views of some porpoises, saw one solitary common dolphin and several grey seals.

Saturday 27th July: A day of two halves, with just a single seal and seabirds spotted this morning, and then plenty of dolphins and sunfish in the afternoon, as well as a glimpse of a couple of porpoises.

Friday 26th July: There was some chunky swell leftover today which made for quite a rolly ride. We saw common dolphins, including plenty of calves, some tricky porpoises and sunfish, and grey seals.

Wednesday 24th July: Another windy day which got windier in the afternoon, so the 2pm trip was cancelled. We saw some common dolphins and ocean sunfish, which both appeared to delight in playing hide and seek with us. At the end of the trip we saw some grey seals hauled out.

Tuesday 23rd July: It was hot and sunny today, but the southeasterly breeze made the sea a little sloppy. We saw two groups of common dolphins on the first trip as well as a gannet feeding frenzy, grey seals and an ocean sunfish. In the afternoon trip we saw even more seals and some harbour porpoises.

Monday 22nd July: Lots of humid misty murk today, despite the hot sunshine in the rest of the country. Both trips saw dolphins, seals and porpoises and the morning passengers were lucky enough to see an ocean sunfish as well.

Sunday 21st July: It was very breezy today so we had to cancel the afternoon trip after heading out in the morning. We had great views of harbour porpoises, common dolphins, seals and seabirds.

Saturday 20th July: In bright and breezy conditions today we spotted common dolphins, lots of grey seals, harbour porpoises and different species of seabirds.

Thursday 18th July: We had really good views of harbour porpoises on this morning’s four hour trip. We also saw common dolphins, seals and seabirds. On the afternoon Bay Discovery, the seals were still there and we had a great sail across the bay.

Wednesday 17th July: We had great views of the seals on the rocks today, with two of the females looking very visibly pregnant now. we had brief views of common dolphins but they didn’t want to hang around. The water was thick with plankton.

Tuesday 16th July: We had a birthday three hour sail this morning with some regular passengers, spotting seals and dolphins and having all in all a lovely morning. This afternoon’s four hour trip was dramatic, as we were involved in assisting the crew of a burning trawler who had bailed out in their liferaft. We also had a glimpse of a minke whale and good views of common dolphins.

Monday 15th July: Just the one three hour trip this afternoon in choppy southeasterly conditions. After rescuing a kayaker in difficulties near Mousehole, we  went further south and found loads of common dolphins feeding with gannets. We also saw porpoises, seals and other species of seabird.

Saturday 13th July: Similar to yesterday’s sightings, with ocean sunfish, porpoises, grey seals and seabirds spotted.

Friday 12th July: We had a four hour then a three hour trip today. Conditions were quite challenging with a brisk NW wind. We had only brief views of porpoises, but managed to spot three ocean sunfish as well as grey seals and seabirds.

Thursday 11th July: The wind increased and changed direction today from north east to south west, and by the afternoon it was choppy. During the morning trip we saw common dolphins further west than they have been lately, and lots of shearwaters. By the afternoon the dolphins had moved on, but we had lovely views of grey seals, and we were able to actually sail for the first time in a while.

Wednesday 10th July: Still warm and calm, but more overcast today. We spotted lots of porpoises, including an unusual leucistic individual, common dolphins, grey seals and seabirds.

Tuesday 9th July: A fabulous day on the water with unbroken sunshine and a bay full of common dolphins and porpoises. A variety of seabirds were also spotted including a Cory’s shearwater, and also some hauled out grey seals.

Monday 8th July: The run of glorious calm weather continued today. We saw yet another minke whale, countless porpoises and four species of jellyfish. There were seals hauled out and we also had a brief encounter with an ocean sunfish.

Sunday 7th July: Just the one four hour trip today, as we had the afternoon off. We had great views of an ocean sunfish, and recorded lots of harbour porpoises.  We also spotted another minke whale, grey seals and different species of seabirds.

Saturday 6th July: The great run of sightings and gorgeous weather continued today. We saw another minke whale, common dolphins, harbour porpoises, grey seals and seabirds.

Friday 5th July: A fabulous day of sightings in lovely July weather. On the morning Bay Discovery we saw harbour porpoises and dolphins right in the inner part of the bay. On the afternoon Discovery Voyage we found both species again, plus had a great encounter with a large adult minke whale,.

Thursday 4th July: We briefly spotted some common dolphins and porpoises on the morning 3 hour trip, as well as some hauled out grey seals. By the afternoon the cetaceans had moved away, and we saw more seals and seabirds.

Wednesday 3rd July: On the morning three hour trip we had a great encounter with a pod of common dolphins. We also saw porpoises and grey seals and seabirds. On the afternoon trip the dolphins and porpoises were still there, though were much shyer.

Tuesday 2nd July: Lots of seals and seabirds spotted this morning in bright conditions with a brisk northeasterly breeze. The afternoon was quieter but we still sea seals in the water and seabirds.

Monday 1st July: Again it was the morning trip who were luckier with the wildlife encounters. Passengers saw large numbers of common dolphins, a big feeding frenzy of seabirds and several hauled out grey seals. This afternoon the dolphins had moved on, however we did see our first group of porpoises for quite some time, though they were tricky to get good views of.

Sunday 30th June: On the morning 4 hour trip we saw grey seals hauled out on the rocks and then a small group of common dolphins much further south. It was too far to go to the same place on the afternoon 3 hour trip, and we saw a couple of snoozing seals in the water, and some seabirds. Unfortunately we saw some people landed on the island and disturb all the nesting gulls – the chicks haven’t even fledged yet.

Saturday 29th June: We had an Ocean Discovery in the morning and a Bay Discovery this afternoon, after some very strong easterly wind over the last few days. It had calmed down, and we saw grey seals and seabirds.

Tuesday 25th June: The morning was very quiet with just a juvenile seal and seabirds to be seen, but this afternoon there was much more about. We found two groups of common dolphins and several grey seals, as well as the now customary barrel jellies.

Monday 24th June: Much more to see out there today than there has been lately. The morning 4 hour trip saw our first minke whale of 2019, common dolphins, harbour porpoises and grey seals. The afternoon 3 hour trip saw more dolphins, grey seals and seabirds including Mediterranean gulls.

Saturday 22nd June: A building southeasterly wind this morning meant we had to run a 3 hour rather than the planned 4 hour trip, and cancel the afternoon. Sure enough it was very choppy which inhibited our ability to search for wildlife. We spotted grey seals and a variety of seabirds.

Friday 21st June: It remains generally quiet for wildlife sightings out at sea, with very little bird activity other than some gulls and shearwaters feeding in the tidal races. However there are currently a lot of seals hanging round the haul out site and loads of barrel jellyfish.

Thursday 20th June:Today we had two lovely sailing trips. We saw grey seals and a variety of seabirds.

Wednesday 19th June: This morning’s 3 hour trip had an outstanding encounter with a group of about 50 common dolphins, including many juveniles. We also saw seals and seabirds. During the afternoon the dolphins had moved on and there was only one seal left, but we had a fine sail on the northwesterly wind.

Tuesday 18th June: Two three hour trips today, the wind and sea finally calmed and we only had a bit of rain. Winner. On both trips we saw grey seals, barrel jellyfish and a variety of seabirds.

Saturday 15th June: We had two 3 hour trips yesterday and the conditions were a little choppy and challenging. We had a nice sail on boat trips and it was lovely to be out on the water. In the morning we saw a number of grey seals, barrel jellyfish and variety of sebirds. In the afternoon we had a lovely encounter with a pod of Risso’s dolphins and saw seals in the water and various seabirds including a pomarine skua.

Friday 14th June: We did a 4 hour trip today and all onboard loved sailing in the sunshine (once the sun came out). There were quite a few grey seals at the island and a good variety of bird life about.

Thursday 13th June: We had two three hour trips today. There were a few showers but we managed to stay dry on a calm sea. We saw grey seals and a variety of seabirds in the morning. In the afternoon we found a pod of more than 50 common dolphins. They were racing east but did come over to bowride and explore the boat.

Wednesday 12th June: Yesterdays winds and heavy rain subsided so we were able to head out on a four hour trip this afternoon. The wildlife was farily quiet but we did see several groups of flying puffins along with the other auks (guillemots and razorbills). The were groups of Manx shearwaters flying past along with small groups of gannets. Silverback was on the island and there was also a female seal in the water.

Monday 10th June: We had a 4 hour trip this morning and a 1 1/2 hour trip in the afternoon. We saw 2 ocean sunfish, grey seals and a variety of seabirds including a puffin.

Thursday 6th June: We had a 2 lovely sunny trips today. We saw lots of grey seals, barrel jellyfish and a variety of seabirds including a puffin.

Wednesday 5th June: We had a 3 hour Ocean Discovery trip this afternoon. We had great views of grey seals, seabirds and barrel jellyfish. After a wet start it was a fine sunny afternoon.

Tuesday 4th June: It was very wet and wild overnight and early this morning so we had to cancel our 4 hour trip. However we did get out for the Bay Discovery in the afternoon and saw seals, seabirds and barrel jellyfish. There were four Eider ducks in the harbour when we returned.

Monday 3rd June: We had a three hour trip this afternoon with some passengers from the States and some who have been many times before. We had sunshine and a good breeze for sailing, and found several grey seals and different species of seabirds. We were followed out of the harbour by a determined swan!

Saturday 1st June: A busy day with a 3 hour trip followed by a 4 hour. During the morning we had a lovely encounter with a pair of inquisitive seals, as well as several puffins and other seabirds. The afternoon Discovery Voyage was very quiet for almost all of it, until we came back into the bay and found a playful pod of Risso’s dolphins.

Friday 31st May: You wait all spring for a species of dolphin other than common dolphins, and then two come along at once! We had a great four hour trip this morning, spotting Risso’s dolphins, an offshore pod of bottlenose dolphins and grey seals, as well as a sneaky porpoise. In contrast the afternoon Bay Discovery was really quiet, with only a few seabirds and jellyfish seen.

Thursday 30th May: We ran two three ghour trips today and saw lots of grey seals and good variety of seabirds including flocks of shearwaters offshore. There are still good numbers of barrel jellyfish about.

Wednesday 29th May: Due to the mist and strong wind we had to cancel our four hour trip this morning. However we were able to run the Bay Discovery in the afternoon. We had a fantastic sail on the wind, and spotted grey seals and a good variety of seabirds.

Tuesday 28th May: It was another cold windy day – fun for sailing but tricky spotting conditions. We found seals and feeding seabirds. There were several interesting vessels along the coast.

Monday 27th May: It was a windy day today with some exciting sailing. We had our first encounter of the year with some Risso’s dolphins on the morning Ocean Discovery. Throughout the day we also saw grey seals and seabirds.

Saturday 25th May: We had a four hour trip followed by a Bay Discovery today. All was quiet on the cetacean front. However we had some lovely views of seals in various places, and several different species of seabirds including a puffin and choughs.

Friday 24th May: A northwesterly breeze gave us a fine sail this afternoon. We found grey seals, seabirds and common dolphins right at the end of the trip.

Thursday 23rd May: We had calm seas today and saw a small pod of harbour porpoises, grey seals and a variety of seabirds.

Wednesday 22nd May: We headed out beyond Land’s End on our 4 hour trip this afternoon, as the water was perfectly calm. We spotted harbour porpoises, shearwaters, fulmars and grey seals.

Tuesday 21st May: This morning’s 3 hour trip had lovely views of a harbour porpoise mum and her new calf. The calm water was perfect for porpoise spotting. During the afternoon we saw several seals and various species of seabirds. There are still loads of barrel jellyfish in our waters.

Sunday 19th May: We had a four hour trip this morning. It was mainly very quiet, with just one seal and a few seabirds spotted for most of the trip. Towards the end we found a few gannets and with them were a small pod of common dolphins who gave us a lovely encounter.

Saturday 18th May: We saw a large pod of very fast moving “flying” common dolphins today – an awesome sight. We also saw a grey seal and seabirds.

Friday 17th May: The south easterly wind has kept us port bound all week, but today the wind dropped and went northerly. Still cold, but we were able to run two 3 hour trips. We saw grey seals and lots of seabirds. Sadly I somehow lost most of the photos from the first trip, including the ones of a large gannet feeding frenzy. Oh well!

Sunday 12th May: A quiet morning at sea for wildlife, with just a couple of seals and seabirds seen as well as the usual numbers of barrel jellyfish. May always does this at some point!

Saturday 11th May: Lovely sailing conditions today though quieter for cetacean activity. We spotted a porpoise on the morning trip, and grey seals, seabirds and barrel jellyfish throughout the day.

Friday 10th May: We avoided the heavy downpours going on elsewhere and had a lovely couple of trips with some Plymouth University masters students. We spotted common dolphins, lots of seabirds including puffins, grey seals and our first ocean sunfish of 2019.

Thursday 9th May: After a stormy couple of days we headed out this afternoon in to calmer seas. There was still a big swell running but the sailing conditions were lovely. We found common dolphins, a grey seal, barrel jellyfish and a variety of seabirds.

Sunday 5th May: Much less wind today, though still very chilly. On the morning four hour trip we saw grey seals and some harbour porpoises. On the three hour trip in the afternoon we were lucky enough to see some common dolphins, more harbour porpoises and on both trips there were barrel jellyfish and seabirds.

Saturday 4th May: There was a cold, strong northeasterly wind blowing today, which meant spotting conditions were difficult. We had a brief view of a porpoise once in the morning and once in the afternoon, and lots of grey seals were spotted at various sites along the coast. In the clear, sunny conditions the coast and sea were looking luminous.

Friday 3rd May: More sunshine today, which was welcome. On the morning trip we found grey seals, a harbour porpoise, lots of feeding manx shearwaters and some common dolphins. There are still loads of barrel jellyfish around. In the afternoon the wind had increased: we had a great sail out to sea and back along the coast. We found some more seals, though the dolphins had moved on.

Thursday 2nd May: We looked long and hard for the common dolphins this morning but they had moved out of the area for the moment. It was another cold day with good sailing conditions. We saw grey seals and a variety of seabirds.

Wednesday 1st May: This morning we had a chilly 4 hour trip in a northwesterly wind straight from Iceland! This did mean great sailing conditions though. We spotted common dolphins, grey seals (including Kelp our favourite female seal), barrel jellyfish and different species of seabird.

Monday 29th April: We had our first really decent view of puffins this morning – three brightly coloured adults sitting on the water. We also found lots of common dolphins again, a couple of grey seals and huge numbers of flocking Manx shearwaters.

Sunday 28th April: Storm Hannah has roared through and made things very rough for a few days. Though it was still choppy, it calmed down to an amazing degree this afternoon though. We were very pleased to find the common dolphins still out there – I thought they would have moved on after the change in weather and tides. They flew along with us as we sailed at high speed. We also saw plenty of shearwaters and three grey seals.

Tuesday 23rd April: Unexpectedly, the weather allowed us to sail again this morning. Conditions were much calmer and clearer than yesterday but other than that the trips were very similar with common dolphins, seals, seabirds and barrel jellyfish spotted. The weather looks bad for a few days now.

Monday 22nd April: There was a lot more wind today, and from the south east too which is a very choppy direction. This made for exciting sailing conditions though. Far out to sea just as we were starting to head back to shore we found over a hundred common dolphins, who were very animated in all the waves. They swam back to shore with us, along with lots of Manx shearwaters. On the island we found a pretty female seal.

Sunday 21st April: Well that was a very happy Easter. Lots more common dolphins on the morning trip, along with grey seals, huge numbers of Manx shearwaters and guillemots, and barrel jellyfish. This afternoon on the Bay Discovery the dolphins were too far out, but we had great views of the seals and jellyfish. One thing though – where are all the porpoises?!

Saturday 20th April: The bumper spring sightings returned today with the sunny, exceptionally calm conditions. Common dolphins were spotted on both three hour trips, along with countless barrel jellyfish, grey seals (both on the rocks and out at sea) and different species of seabirds.

Friday 19th April: Two more days off the water because of the wind, but it dropped overnight leaving it calm enough to head out. We found seals, various species of seabirds including a great skua, a harbour porpoise and masses of barrel jellyfish.

Tuesday 16th April: After a few days or really appalling weather we were very pleased to get back out there for a 3 then a 4 hour trip. There was still a lot of swell, but the wind had dropped right off. During the morning 3 hour trip we found lots of seabirds, several grey seals and some big barrel jellyfish. On the 4 hour afternoon trip we went a long way out and we were lucky enough to find 100s of common dolphins feeding and playing in the swells alongside lots of gannets, guillemots and Manx shearwaters. We also saw a couple of puffins flying.

Thursday 11th April: it was a lot windier than forecast today, a brisk southeasterly which made it rather choppy and difficult to spot wildlife. We had a good sail on the breeze though. Dolphins were briefly seen following the boat on the morning trip, along with lots of seabirds and some grey seals. Seals and seabirds were again spotted on the afternoon Bay Discovery. There looks like a lot of wind coming up over the next few days, so the sea will be too rough for trips.

Wednesday 10th April: today we sailed a long way south, as everything was quiet closer inshore. We spotted thousands of feeding seabirds with some common dolphins, including great skuas, gannets, guillemots and manx shearwaters. On the way back in we saw a couple of seals hauled out and several barrel jellyfish.

Tuesday 9th April: It’s been cold and windy lately so it’s been a while since our last update. Today was beautiful though. We’re having a good start to the year for common dolphins, with two groups spotted on this morning’s 3 hour trip. We also saw lots of grey seals and various species of seabirds on both the morning and the afternoon Bay Discovery trip.

Saturday 30th March:
chillier with a bit more breeze today, but it meant we got some good sailing in. We went a long way south and found enormous numbers gannets feeding over a large area. With them were some common dolphins who swam alongside us for miles as we sailed.

Thursday 28th March:
Today we had a training day for some returning staff. The weather was still beautiful and very calm – lots of common dolphins and seabirds were spotted. I went to Gwennap Head to see if I could spot the humpback whale(s) which have been seen around the coast but I didn’t!

Wednesday 27th March: the first trips of the year with passengers! We had a Bay Discovery followed by an Ocean Discovery trip for some of the local hoteliers and B&B owners. Both trips had fabulous views of common dolphins and hundreds of feeding seabirds. There were also porpoises and grey seals spotted.

Monday 25th March: Today we took some work experience students out for a sail. It was another windy, choppy day, but there were lots of porpoises about (too quick to photograph), grey seals and seabirds.

Sunday 24th March: 
We went for a chilly, breezy test sail today. The new layout works perfectly.

Thursday 21st March: After all the winter work Shearwater II was craned back into the water today ready for the 2019 season. Everything went smoothly!


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